Newsletter July

The summer is magic Our team wishes you a brilliant, magical and sunny holiday! Mimaki Fespa Proud to be part of the Mimaki booth with our ultimate sales assistants. Looking for next level support on your booth, marketing support in general or anywhere else? Never ending fairs In order to be inspired and inspire others, […]

Newsletter April

Sustainable ambitions | Horizon 3 SRM is born! Sustainability has become a crucial factor for many organizations during the last couple of years. Our customer, Horizon 3 SRM, helps their clients to achieve their sustainability goals. They operate in various industries and find sustainable solutions for, among others, industrial waste, maritime waste, chemical waste, and […]

We wish you a magical 2022!

< We wish you a magical 2022! > < Team ArtdCom >Deborah | Daphne | Adam | Ton | Theo | Jack | Martijn | Hein | Inez < DESIDERATA > Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on […]

Newsletter July

ArtdCom wishes you great and sunny summer holidays! Thank you again for all your confidence and support during the last year. We enjoyed the interaction, creation, and results together with you. Also, during summer, you can reach us 24/7, so do not hesitate to call us when your summer needs a campaign, strategy session, etcetera. […]

Newsletter May

Digital presentation skills training Shops are available for only a couple of clients, fairs are cancelled… but no one can stop MIMAKI from providing top service and sales to their distributors, partners and customers. In order to present in the best possible way in front of cameras, making videos, tutorials, etcetera, ArtdCom developed a digital […]

Developing your own potential is the best there is

Deborah Lobry: “Developing your own potential is the best there is” She worked for Fujitsu, IBM and an advertising agency, but has since returned to tech. Our potential TechGirl of the Month Deborah Lobry finds tech extremely interesting. She has been running ArtdCom, a company in digital marketing and marketing, for 19 years now. Deborah […]

Newsletter December

Christmas is almost here! For Driekant, an organic bakery in Zutphen, we designed a special brochure for their original, tasty and organic Chirstmas packages. For other customers we design (digital) Christmas cards or come up with original Christmas gifts. Looking for an original Christmas gift?Need help with the design of an orginal (digital) Christmas card? […]

Newsletter July

7 Tips for Digital Marketing in Challenging Times Download the infographic to learn about the latest developments and trends. Give your business the marketing boost to build a stronger online brand and generate more leads online as well. Clinique ImmunoTé We all know that health is crucial. They also know this at the new Clinique […]

Newsletter June

Undercurrent information during special times. Inspiration at the right moment. New insights. At ArtdCom we are always moving forward to get our customers going. Find some of our latest pearls in this news overview: Lead generation campaign Mimaki lead generation campaign for the new Tx300P-1800 MkII Hybrid Textile Printer. Target group both small and large […]

Newsletter May

Fresh! | New! | Live ! | Welcome to our new ArtdCom website After several months of hard work, we are very delighted to announce the launch of our brand new, upgraded website. The new website features a clear and modern design style, making it even easier for our visitors to navigate through the various […]