Sustainable ambitions | Horizon 3 SRM is born!

Sustainability has become a crucial factor for many organizations during the last couple of years. Our customer, Horizon 3 SRM, helps their clients to achieve their sustainability goals. They operate in various industries and find sustainable solutions for, among others, industrial waste, maritime waste, chemical waste, and organic waste.

Horizon 3 SRM part of the CIMS Group

Horizon 3 SRM is part of the CIMS Group. We already did various work for CIMS Netherlands, a company that operates in the maritime industry covering waste management. We optimized their website and created content. We also manage their social media channels. Furthermore, we developed many items for CIWS, which stands for Clear Industrial Waste Solutions. CIWS is also part of the CIMS Group. We did their branding, created a logo, designed their website, made content, set up their social media account, etcetera.

CIMS group is rapidly expanding. They started their next chapter in waste management and servicing their clients end to end: Horizon 3 SRM is born.

The mission | Our approach

We started the Horizon 3 SRM project by inviting the involved parties to our office for a workshop. During the workshop, we kicked off the project and defined the parameters. The session gave us a clear view of their exact wishes and helped us create the relevant content items.

After that, we made several designs for the Horizon 3 SRM website. We made a corporate guideline and designed business cards, a sales (commercial) PowerPoint, and various media communication tools. During the project, our team did research and created relevant content. We dive into the target group and services and help set up a new company with all the necessary marketing elements.

We love our work and the projects we do!

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